Children’s functional T-shirt made of the material modal. This is it, what our satisfied customers demanded for their children too 🙂

Thanks to the modal, it is very pleasant for skin, thermo-regulating, antibacterial and even dries quickly. It is ideal for going in to nature, in summer, for hiking, but also just for fun on the playground, because the child will not stay sweaty after run around. In the colder months, it is a suitable bottom layer and maintains an optimal body temperature.

Delight yourself and your child by matching the colors. If he is like a big man, he may want to walk more on a hike (but we do not guarantee that)! 🙂

Additional information

Sleeve length

Short sleeve


Summer, Year round


86/92, 98/104, 110/116




Modal®. –This one belongs to a group of cellulose fibers made from beech wood.

Modal® helps to speed up sweat drainage by the so-called knot-effect. It also feels more comfortable to touch and improves physiological properties. This Tshirts are antibacterial, reduce undesirable odor and maintain biological balance on the skin during sports or recreational activities.. Thanks to the smooth surface of the fiber, which prevents disruption of the structure during washing, the fiber remains smooth, elastic and with an amazing gloss even after repeated washings. I personally prefer this material in summer while hiking.

Fabric care

Washing your Modal Kojo tshirt in cold water will extend its lifespan. Modal is shrink and wrinkle resistant, therefore the fit will remain throughout the garment lifespan after repeated washing when cared for properly.

To care for your Modal clothing, hand wash, or put into machine on gentle cycle. Avoid bleach. Always hang to dry. Never scorch or iron on high heat, this will damage the texture.



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