Flexible, lightweight headband with comfortable and soft material reminiscent of polar fleece. This material is made of elastic Carvico® fabric that provides breathability and moisture removal. It is warm and soft, suitable for activities such as hiking, cycling, running, or any sporting activity.

The headband is designed in the colors of merino collection 2019/2020 and therefore fits to any T- shirt or pants.

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Spring, Autumn, Winter


Wool- excelent Combination of merino wool and polypropylene ensures perfect thermal comfort. Tshirts because of polypropylen absorbs moisture from the body very fast and transports it to the surface. Sheep wool is a unique textile material with unbeatable combination of properties – ability to thermo (functional)regulate, air permeability, ability to drain sweat, antibacterial propertiesprotection against UV radiation, elasticity and being hypoallergenic. Natural thermal effect of the wool means that it cools down during the summer while providing warmth in the winter. Wool is also the only material that keeps warmth even when wet. Especially this material I highly recommend to all mothers regardless of activities they do or not. During winter is sufficient to wear only this t-shirt with regular jacket and there is no need to be dressed up as an onion. in cold weather during hiking or sledging with children in this T-shirt You will feel no limitation in motion because of many cloths layers.


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