🌟 Unique… that’s exactly what our new merino breastfeeding shirt named MAMA GODESS is. Its motif represents the connection between mother, child, and nature. Every woman – mother is unique and gives her child the best she can, just like our motif portrays. It’s an original design created specifically for KOJO, combining universal gray and two shades of pink to create a unique masterpiece. Just so you know, multicolor printing on wool is no easy feat! But we tried, and it turned out beautifully.

🌬️ Merino wool keeps you warm

The shirt is made from mulesing-free merino fiber, knitted in Slovakia. It has a weight of approximately 210 gsm – thick enough for the coldest months, protecting you from the winter chill whether you’re going for a walk, enjoying sledding with your little one, or just strolling peacefully through the city. Merino is thermoregulatory and ideal for babywearing – it maintains the optimal body temperature, efficiently wicks away sweat, and doesn’t cool when wet. 😊

🌟 Unique design

KOJO is not just an ordinary shapeless breastfeeding shirt… it’s well-sewn, and it’s clear that you won’t find this design anywhere else. It’s a labor of love, and you’ll love it even after the breastfeeding period, as it serves as a classic piece of merino functional clothing… with memories of a beautiful time. 🙂

🌟 Collection 2023: No compromises

Our entire new collection is made from pure merino wool without mulesing. That means maximum thermal comfort, luxurious softness, and respect for the planet. Don’t hesitate to invest in quality and support sustainable fashion with us.

🌟 Add a thin merino shirt with the redwood wilderness motif to your wardrobe 🙂

Don’t miss this combination of style and thermal comfort for your winter adventure with your baby! We guarantee that breastfeeding in the winter nature will be completely comfortable for you.

Thank you for accompanying us on the journey of motherhood. 🌨️

Additional information

Sleeve length


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Sheep wool is a unique textile material with an unbeatable combination of properties – thermo-regulation, breathability, antibacterial features, UV radiation protection, elasticity, and hypoallergenic qualities. The natural properties of wool mean that it cools in summer and provides warmth in winter. Wool is also the only material that retains heat even when wet. I highly recommend this material to all mothers, regardless of their activities. During winter, wearing just this shirt with a regular jacket is sufficient, and there is no need to layer like an onion :-).

100% MERINO wool, 250g/m2

Fabric care

The shirt doesn’t need frequent washing. If it’s not soiled, a few days of airing will leave it completely fresh 🙂

When washing, use low spin speeds – maximum 800/900, low temperature – 30 degrees, without fabric softener, and ideally with a special wool detergent.



chest cm up to 78 88 96 106 116
chest inch up to 30 35 38 42 46
waist cm up to 66 74 82 90 98
waist inch up to 26 29 32 35 39
hips cm up to 80 88 98 108 118
hips inch up to 32 35 39 43 46


How to measure

TIP: merino is elastic, most important for choosing right Kojo tshirst size is your chest size.


All our tshirts come in cute Kojo bag with message for you. If you wish to pick up your favourite, or you want to collect them you can leave us a message in shopping cart where you can write the number of your favourite Kojo message. At this time we offer these:

1)You are my universe, I´m your Milky Way

2)You are a superhero mom!

3)You´ll be warm, your baby calm
4)WARNING! Mom´s milk can be addictive.

5)Yummy milky mummy


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