KOJO sweatshirt with a trendy cut and a unique design will serve as a pregnancy sweatshirt, but also as an oversized or breastfeeding sweatshirt. You will last for a long period with one piece and you will still look chic. At KOJO, we support the idea of ​​minimalism and functionalism :-).

The top is completely made in Slovakia and is composed of 100% cotton. It is suitable as a second layer, ideal on top of a KOJO T-shirt or tank top, and you can use it from spring to autumn, even for summer evenings.

It has a elaborated design – fitted sleeves with wide cuffs, and a turtleneck-type collar that makes the whole look special. There are durable studs on the sides that allow easy access to the breast when breastfeeding is needed, but also complement the overall design. It can be worn slack, but also out – as you like. Thanks to the natural shades, it is easy to combine and complete your wardrobe. We offer this oversized sweatshirt in double sizes S / M and L / XL. In the back our signature can be found in the form of the KOJO logo.

I am 160cm and I am wearing a size S / M.

It is ideal to combine it with the merino noir casual t-shirt. So where do you go in it?

Additional information

Sleeve length





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Modal®. –This one belongs to a group of cellulose fibers made from beech wood.

Modal® helps to speed up sweat drainage by the so-called knot-effect. It also feels more comfortable to touch and improves physiological properties. This Tshirts are antibacterial, reduce undesirable odor and maintain biological balance on the skin during sports or recreational activities.. Thanks to the smooth surface of the fiber, which prevents disruption of the structure during washing, the fiber remains smooth, elastic and with an amazing gloss even after repeated washings. I personally prefer this material in summer while hiking.



Fabric care

Washing your Modal Kojo tshirt in cold water will extend its lifespan. Modal is shrink and wrinkle resistant, therefore the fit will remain throughout the garment lifespan after repeated washing when cared for properly.

To care for your Modal clothing put into machine on gentle cycle. Avoid bleach. Always hang to dry. Never scorch or iron on high heat, this will damage the texture.


chest cm up to 78 88 96 106 116
chest inch up to 30 35 38 42 46
waist cm up to 66 74 82 90 98
waist inch up to 26 29 32 35 39
hips cm up to 80 88 98 108 118
hips inch up to 32 35 39 43 46


How to measure

TIP: this modal top is elastic


All our tshirts come in cute Kojo bag with message for you. If you wish to pick up your favourite, or you want to collect them you can leave us a message in shopping cart where you can write the number of your favourite Kojo message. At this time we offer these:

1)You are my universe, I´m your Milky Way

2)You are a superhero mom!

3)You´ll be warm, your baby calm
4)WARNING! Mom´s milk can be addictive.

5)Yummy milky mummy


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