T-shirt for breastfeeding with our original KOJO print in a soft gray colour, this is GRAY WILDERNESS.

The material we used to make this model is fine 100% merino wool with a mulesing-free certificate! Its weight is 220g / m2, so you can use the T-shirt all year round, either as a single layer of clothing or under a windbreaker/jacket in cold weather. 🙂 Merino wool is a thermoregulatory, antibacterial material, with natural UV protection, hypoallergenic. T-shirts made of merino wool do not need to be washed often, they will be better ventilated.

Our KOJO T-shirt could be worn as the base layer directly on the skin. It has a stretch-comfortable design similar to ordinary thermal (functional) clothing. Our style is designed to keep your back warm and protect your chest. A modern feminine cut allows you to move without restriction when exercising, running, hiking or walking. Extended sleeves, hems and cuffs eliminate unwanted pull-out during wearing. We have adjusted the design for easy and comfortable access to the breast, which you can handle with one hand. It will not limit you due to the size of the cups and bras. It allows you to breastfeed discreetly in almost any situation (even while wearing your baby in the carrier). The double stitching and connection of three layers of fabric in the most stressed upper part of the Kojo T-shirt will ensure that the T-shirt maintains a perfect cut even after long-term use.

You will use the KOJO T-shirt even after breastfeeding, because it has the same properties and is just as comfortable as other high-quality thermal (functional) clothing.

Because the high interest, we are coming with the children’s assortment in the same design, which was created in cooperation with Kids who explore – the community of moms that motivates others to go outside, connect with nature and each other. In matchy matchy design :), you can also give your baby the comfort of merino wool – look at our GRAY WILDERNESS onesies, t-shirts or leggings  from this collection.

Additional information

Sleeve length


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Merino Wool-  Sheep wool is a unique textile material with unbeatable combination of properties – ability to thermo (functional)regulate, air permeability, ability to drain sweat, antibacterial propertiesprotection against UV radiation, elasticity and being hypoallergenic. Natural thermal effect of the wool means that it cools down during the summer while providing warmth in the winter. Wool is also the only material that keeps warmth even when wet. Especially this material I highly recommend to all mothers regardless of activities they do or not. During winter is sufficient to wear only this t-shirt with regular jacket. In cold weather during hiking or sledging with children in this T-shirt You will feel no limitation in motion because of many cloths layers.

100% MERINO WOOL, mulessing free, 220 g/m2

Fabric care


chest cm up to 78 88 96 106 116
chest inch up to 30 35 38 42 46
waist cm up to 66 74 82 90 98
waist inch up to 26 29 32 35 39
hips cm up to 80 88 98 108 118
hips inch up to 32 35 39 43 46


How to measure

TIP: KOJO is slim fit, but merino is quite elastic. Choose Kojo T-shirst size according to your chest size.


All our tshirts come in cute Kojo bag with message for you. If you wish to pick up your favourite, or you want to collect them you can leave us a message in shopping cart where you can write the number of your favourite Kojo message. At this time we offer these:

1)You are my universe, I´m your Milky Way

2)You are a superhero mom!
3)You´ll be warm, your baby calm
4)WARNING! Mom´s milk can be addictive.

5)Yummy milky mummy


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