About Jana

My name is Jana and I would like to share with you the story behind KOJO. I am a proud mom of 2 kids – a 4-year old son Filip and a 1-year old girl Tereza. I have always practiced contact parenting and I am a true believer in the importance of breastfeeding during the early childhood development period.

I am a very active person – sports as well as proper nutrition and sleep constitute an important part of my daily routine. Trying to be the fit mom for my kids, I have always been a vivid hiker and runner, never missing an opportunity to spend time in nature.

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Idea of KOJO

When Filip was born, I started to carry him in a baby-wrap. The KOJO idea came up during one of my walks in nature with Filip wrapped close to my body. My baby boy was whining and I needed to breastfeed him. Unfortunately, I found it too difficult to position myself and the baby comfortably as the tight, skinny, regular active wear that I was wearing seemed anything but conducive to my endeavor. It was really difficult to satiate my newborn’s hunger and calm him down.

This is when the idea of the KOJO T-shirt first came up. I started to think about a combination of active wear made of perfect materials for all kinds of outdoor activities with the comfort of T-shirts designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers – the nursing active wear. Shop

I have started designing all products by myself. After some time of thorough research, I found an eco-friendly and sustainable family-owned local company that develops and manufactures its own synthetic and wool/merino fibers. The entire production is based in Slovakia – the heart of Europe. The production process and materials used in the garments guarantee the top quality of KOJO active wear.

How KOJO came to Canada

I will follow Jana with a little story of my own. My name is Petra and I consider myself something of a soul sister to Jana – KOJO’s founding mom. We are so similar in our values and the way of life, both being very family oriented and loving to spend time in the great outdoors with our little ones. Not surprisingly, I am a mom as well – my son Lukas is 2 years old and a very active and friendly little fella. As so many of you, I also try to balance a number of priorities to ensure that my son and our family receive everything they need.

When I became a mom and tried KOJO for the first time, I could not believe how comfortable, well-fitted and practical it was. I could include Lukas in all my outdoor activities literally without any compromise. Being able to stay active with my baby, I fell in love with the product immediately. As I moved to Calgary with my family about a year ago, I realized that all the Canadian outdoorsy moms deserve to discover this great product. It effectively helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the baby’s infancy, and ultimately contributes to bringing families closer together by allowing them to do what they love the most.

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The Future of KOJO

The portfolio of KOJO products is continually growing. The first novelty in our e-shop was a KOJO merino dress, followed by several merino T-shirt collections as well as a KOJO breastfeeding bra as a very important piece of your sport activewear wardrobe. Janka was designing the bra for a year and I can confirm that it is one of the best sport bras I have ever had. And there is much more to come in the following months – we are preparing for you a new colorful collection of merino T-shirts and pants for outdoor activities as well as new stylish merino polo neck T-shirts for strolling in the city followed by a refreshing cup of coffee with your friends. And what about non-breastfeeding portfolio for men and women? Many of you have been asking for it..
Stay tuned, much more to come really soon! 🙂

KOJO is our passion and our vision is to make the everyday life easier for both moms and their babies. We hope that we can make more families happier, closer to nature and comfortable as they practice active parenting. Breastfeeding is amazing and thanks to KOJO it becomes easier and more natural than ever before.

We wish You many wonderful and happy days with your children, fully indulging in the many opportunities your active life has to offer :).

Jana & Petra