SUSTAINABILITY is difficult to achieve in the clothing industry, and especially with clothing that is only used for a certain period of life. KOJO and I strive for that.

We need functional clothing for breastfeeding. It does not matter whether it is a period of 6 months or 2 years. But what every nursing mother wants is to simply feed her baby – unpack, pack and continue with a nice day. 🙂 It should be clothes in which we don’t sweat unnecessarily, but allow to breathe. Functionality doesn’t have to be boring 🙂 Especially after pregnancy and childbirth, we want to wear clothes that flatter the figure (not something in the shape of a bag with room for a pregnant belly) and give us confidence and comfort. Our KOJO t-shirts can also be used after breastfeeding or with baby number 2 🙂  You can give them to a friend after your breastfeeding period… this is SUSTAINABILITY

Regarding the technical side:
– in the production of T-shirts we mainly use natural materials – wool, tencel, bamboo
– if artificial fibers are needed, we try to replace them with a degradable version. If it is artificial fibers, they are of local origin from Slovakia.
– the production of KOJO T-shirts is in Slovakia, we know that the quality living and working conditions of the employees are respected
– we produce in limited quantities so as not to create waste

Try it and every KOJO T-shirt will convince you that it is the right choice for the period of breastfeeding…even after 🙂