For fresh mothers, breastfeeding itself is often difficult. Many go through smaller or larger worries before this natural act becomes something naturally simple, spontaneous and problem-free. For several mothers, dressing during breastfeeding itself is a test of their wardrobe.

How to dress during breastfeeding so that access to the breast is easy and at the same time so that you feel comfortable and look good? This is the reason why KOJO was created! The creatively designed designs of breastfeeding T-shirts in conjunction with the functional materials from which our T-shirts are made predestine them to become a popular piece in your wardrobe during the entire breastfeeding period.
KOJO T-shirts together with our sports bras for breastfeeding will be appreciated especially by active mothers – when hiking, exercising, running or walking. KOJO T-shirt thanks to the material from which it is sewn – whether it is merino wool or modal dries quickly and removes moisture from the body.
When you’re sweaty, whether in the mountains or in the city / and it’s not even cold / it’s the last thing you want to deal with, look for breasts in a normal T-shirt with a crying hungry baby 
KOJO clothing is designed to allow you to access the breast with one hand. And the t-shirt looks as if you were wearing normal clothes, without the shapeless part around the abdomen and does not look like it is specially designed for breastfeeding. Thanks to this, you will definitely use KOJO even after breastfeeding 🙂
The main idea of ​​KOJO is for women to remain active even after giving birth, when they become mothers, and for their babies to become part of their active life.
We are constantly expanding the KOJO offer with athleisure pieces for mothers, but also more elegant ones. We offer breastfeeding clothes suitable for winter, as well as those that are suitable for summer. However, the production of T-shirts still remains local in Slovakia, while we take the material from suppliers from Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
KOJO is a place where you buy quality clothes for breastfeeding and you will definitely be satisfied with it. We guarantee an exchange if the size does not suit you and a refund if you decide to return the goods.
We wish you beautiful days with your baby.

KOJO breastfeed in action- yes you can!