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Nice to meet you

KOJO is new clothing brand for active breastfeeding mothers.
I am happy you found me – let me tell you a bit about me and KOJO

KOJO Breastfeed in action – active-wear for breastfeeding mothers is the first active-wear brand that supports and connects, what is natural-motion and breastfeeding.

No excuses needed-fill your body with endorphins, keep warm without sweat and breastfeed your child comfortably and discreetly. Tshirts that combine functionality of active-wear and convenience of design for breastfeeding anywhere, any time. Make your child part of your active life-hiking, trekking, jogging, exercising with children, walking.

You can do that.

About Jana

I am a founder of KOJO, and I am-active mom, loving wife, sportwomen, passionate chef, epicure, animals lover living heathy life 🙂 In other words-running, hugging, cleaning, jogging, loving, breastfeeding „superhero mother“ as anyone of you :).