Expectant mothers pay attention to certain foods during pregnancy, such as sushi, blue cheese, or uncooked foods. Which certainly has its justification and protects itself and the child from various unpleasant diseases.
But does it make sense to deny something that your mother’s body explicitly wants after the birth of your baby? According to information from lactation association Mamila:
Mothers can eat everything without restrictions and a specific reason is needed to exclude any food, there is no need to exclude some foods as a precaution or as a lump sum.
In fact there is no need to follow any special “diet” or to exclude food from the diet during breastfeeding. Many breastfeeding women, in a sincere effort to do their best, eliminate so much food from their diets that they lack the nutrients and energy to care for a baby.
I am convinced that breast milk is a uniquely and precisely mixed cocktail tailored to the baby and breastfeeding is the best that a mother can provide for her baby.
My personal experience is like this – after both births, I was terribly thirsty, especially in the first weeks. Especially at night, and I didn’t mind if I drank 3 or 4 liters of water a day, the body just asked. I had a huge sweet taste after the birth of both children. It was definitely not ideal and what I avoided more during my pregnancy – I enjoyed various biscuits and cookies without remorse. Breast milk production means an increased burden and increased energy expenditure for the mother’s body. Certainly there were also energy deficits, which were lost due to lack of sleep. Also for this fact because I liked my coffee. Only 2 cups a day, it kicked me, the children didn’t even mind sleeping, and I made the day more pleasant and wrapped my nerves 😀
There are “Forbidden Foods During Breastfeeding” and a list of them can certainly be found. But I think every mom should test her baby, and not immediately rule out foods that actually have a positive effect. The baby gets used to different tastes and breast milk protects the baby’s digestive tract and strengthens his immunity. It is not true that citrus fruits reduce milk production. It is not true that omitting potential allergens will protect the child from allergies (rather, the opposite is probably true).

After a repeated attempt, my son was confirmed that he didn’t like cabbage and his belly had a problem with it. Otherwise nothing. And the daughter? She cried for the first three months no matter what I ate. 😀
And so the conclusion?
It’s good if a breastfeeding woman eats healthy – she needs a healthy diet like any other person 😀 And every body and creature is unique, so I recommend going the trial and error system. Try what doesn’t suit you. One weeping day is negligible from the point of view of motherhood, even though at that time the days for the new mother are only good and bad 😀